# About me

Hello. I'm Ramūnas Šablevičius (pronounced Ra-mu-nas Shab-le-vi-chus). I would like to share my experience and the projects I have done.

# Mechanical Design Engineer with 20 years of design and analysis experience working with multi-disciplinary groups in high-reliability environment.
# Extensive record in using SOLIDWORKS to design and customize parts for both small and large assemblies.
# Looking to bring a proven track record of problem-solving and root cause analysis to a vibrant team.

# Licenses & Certifications

# CSWE-MD Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert - Mechanical Design.
# Stratasys Dimension Certified Support Expert.
# More certificates on LinkedIn profile.

# Skills

# Expert in SOLIDWORKS 4/5.
# Autodesk Inventor 3/5.
# Autodesk AutoCAD 3/5.
# Expert in 3D Printing 4/5.
# 3D CAM/CNC 3/5.
# Technical problem solving 4/5.
# Mechanical component design 4/5.

# Education

# 1996 - 2000. Bachelor of Professional Studies, Mechanical Engineering | Kaunas University of Technology.# 2009 - 2013. Lecturer | Vilnius College of Technologies and Design.

# Projects I've done


# Work experience

# 2018 - Present. Freelance 3D CAD Designer.# 2017 - 2018. Mechanical engineer | DS Smith Packaging Lithuania.
- Used SOLIDWORKS to draft assemblies, models and other technical drawings for corrugated board production.
- Prepared sheet metal and weldments fabrication drawings, modifications and commercial specification drawings using SOLIDWORKS.
- SAP integration in plant maintenance process.
- Leading 5S audits to production facilities. Work Safety Near-miss remedy removal.
# 2004 - 2017. Project manager & Software engineer | IN RE.
- Sale and consulting of STRATASYS 3D printers’ market in Lithuania.
- Sale, management, training, supervision and consulting of EDGECAM 3D CAM software.
- Sale of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, customers training and consulting.
- Worked with project managers, developers and customers to resolve technical issues.
# 2000 - 2004. Design Engineer | CIE LT Forge.
- Design of hot forging parts and production lines, preparation of documentation for production, process management.
- ISO 9002 standard integration at the factory.
- Preparation of NC code files for CNC machines and their management and working with Sink EDM machines.

# Contact me

Some of the other projects I'm currently working on:
- ŠachmatAukim - All about chess and what helps you grow!
- I Stand With Ukraine! - Brief information on assistance to refugees from Ukraine